How to Get Rid of Ants


Even though ants don’t belong in our houses, they always find their way in, which, in more often than note, gives as nightmare. If ants have invaded you, I know what you feel because I had gone through the same painful experience – I watched helplessly as they creep in – and finding a solution was the hardest of tasks.

I am happy that eventually, I was free from these irritating insects by doing what I am about to tell you. Even though I didn’t use all these methods, I did my research and found out that they work absolutely well on ants – because they have worked for many friends – they’ll will also work for you. Read along and find out easy ways to get rid of ants.

Use various organic ant repellents

Use the following organic repellents when the intruders invade your house, compound or garden.

  • Talcum powder

If you can access talcum powder, then your problem is just minutes away from being over. Sprinkle the powder freely on the paths as well as around the house foundation. Identify also the entry points, which most likely would be doorframes and windows. Scatter talcum powder on all the suspected areas of refuge and entry. The ants will leave with immediate effect.

  • Powdered sulfur

To kill and keep away ants, powdered sulfur is an effective organic repellent that will get the job done almost immediately. Get the powder and scatter it around the foundation of your house as well as all the paths and suspected entry points. Try it and you won’t regret.

  • Oil of cloves

Apply the oil wherever the ants are. Don’t forget their holes and paths. To prevent the problem from recurring, always apply the oil around the house and the ants will keep off.

  • Mint

Even though this is a long-term solution and will have to take sometimes before the ants disappear, plant the mint around or near your house. When they start growing, the ants will have no choice but to leave… permanently as long as the plant is still there.

  • Rosemary

Rosemary works magic on ants. Chop them up and then have them placed where the ants congregate or enter the house. You can as well use them to block the holes from where these intruders are coming from. An effective repellent will end your struggle.

Other effective organic repellents that I would recommend are cream of tartar and borax. Hear ants’ stories or go and see them when you feel like but don’t allow them to reside in your house. It’s the worst thing that you can wish for. You now know how to do all that as long as the organic repellents are available.

How to Get Rid of Ants

Other items to use

  • Salt

If you’ve seen the paths of those ants that have invaded your home – most likely the doorframe – sprinkle salt on that path.  In that way, you create a barrier and they won’t cross again. Identify all the paths and do the same.

  • Cayenne pepper

Why struggle with the visitors you don’t like? Bring in an enemy! Probably, these ants have invaded your kitchen because they’re looking for sugar… remember they have a sweet tooth, no just joking! Give them cayenne pepper, which they hate the most. Sprinkle it on the areas where they’re trying to scroll to. Try to find out their holes and pour the pepper and you’ll never see them again.

  • Orange Juice

The easiest way to send the ants packing is by using arranges. Blend some few oranges and add considerably amount of warm water. Pour the solution on their paths, down their holes and along the foundation of your house. In that way, they’ll become history. You can extend this to your compound and garden. Just learn how to find them and give them a treat they don’t like the most. In that way, they’ll learn that they aren’t welcomed within that vicinity. You don’t need experts to deal with little insects that can use their head and get away when they realize the place is not friendly.

  • Lemon juice

Do you have lemons around? If you answered yes, then you have the solution to those irritating small insects. Lemon juice will evict all of them. All you need to do is squeeze lemon juice in a glass, add just enough amount of water and be sure it’s not so diluted. Rub few drops along the doorframe and windowsills and pour some down their holes and along their paths. After that, sit back and relax as you watch what happens. You have sent a strong message to them that this is not their home. As expected, you won’t see them again when you wake up the next day.

If you have enough oranges, prepare enough juice and use it to wash your floor… and the smell will keep them away, they hate it with passion.

  • White vinegar

Don’t watch helplessly as ants invade your house or a picnic function if you can get hold of white vinegar. If you’ve seen them in an area that you’ve marked prohibited to ants, just add water to white vinegar in a spray bottle – the two mixtures should of the equal quantity – and spray it in all areas that you’ve spotted them.

If there is an anthill within your compound or wherever place you don’t want them to invade, spray on it. In that way, you send them a way because they won’t be able to stand the smell. Again, you can always carry with you the white vinegar spray when you’re going for any outdoor trip just in case you find them there.

  • Sprinkle the flour

So, you share your house with ants and though you hate it, you don’t know what to do. Get it from me; identify how their way in and sprinkle that path with flour. A line of flour along their paths will repel them away and they won’t be able to cross it again.

  • Spray with boric acid

Are you tired of those little intruders, which have even built a hill in your quarters? Well, get yourself a savior – boric acid – and sprinkle it along the areas that you’ve spotted the invaders.  Before you start working on them using the boric acid, keep the children away first because this, is not only harmful to the intruders, but to them too… I mean the little ones.

If you mix the boric acid with sugar and then place it where they are, they will think it’s a good food and even take it to their queen and the other workers and little ones. In that way, they’ll all die, marking the end of your problem.

  • Sprinkle with baby Powder

Yes, they have invaded your territory and you really want to get rid of them. It’s simple; just sprinkle baby powder on them, their paths and their holes as well as all their entry points. As you know, they love sugar and they won’t let that sugar bowl alone. So, to keep them away, just dust the bowl and any other item that these little intruders frequent. Because they do not like this powder one bit, you won’t see them again.

  • Draw with a chalk

If they’re in your home, there must be an entry point. Find it out and then draw a circle around that hole. In that way, they will go back into the hole because they won’t cross that line and so you keep them away. The reasons why they behave that way is a story for another day.

  • Give them ant spikes

Ants can only invade your home for one reason; they’re looking for food to take back to their queen and workers. Granted; they sometimes bite but that’s just because they think you’re the intruder. So, why don’t you do them a favor? Place ant spikes right at their entrance, in your garden and around the foundation of your house. They will find it, grab it and take it to the rest to feed on, which will kill all of them. In that way, you get rid of the whole lot of them.

  • Sprinkle cinnamon

To get rid of those little, frustrating insects, apply cinnamon on every ant that you come across. Do the same on their paths, holes and anywhere that they might congregate. Because they don’t like cinnamon one bit, you won’t see them again.

  • Use flowerpots to burn them

If the ants have gone as far as putting an anthill in your compound, flowerpot is what you need. Place it upside down on top of the anthill and pour hot water through the drain hole. In that way, you’re burning down their nest, their food and many of them that are present at the time.  The survivors will then move to a safer place.

Depending on the item you can easily get, the above items will ensure that there are zero ants in your house, compound and garden… or let’s just say in whatever place you won’t be happy to see them.