How to Get Rid of Lice


Lice infestation is on the rise and the saddest fact is that they’ve developed resistance to common pesticides that, in the olden days, could get rid of them within no time. If statistics is anything to go by, around 6-12 million kids get lice every year.

Lice like living in warm vertebrates and therefore both humans and pets are their hosts. If you’ve ever had firsthand experience with lies, you’d understand when I say that they’re annoying and unpleasant to say the least. I am saying that because they infested my kids sometimes back –probably, they acquired them from other kids in school – and getting rid of them was the hardest of tasks I have ever known. They can drive you crazy if you don’t stay calm. I later found out that tackling them can as well be the simplest of tasks – the opposite of what I believed before – and it was only that I had grabbed the relevant information.

For your case, you don’t have to worry because I will save you the hustle of getting down to doing your own research. Try my simple ways to tackle those little insects and you’ll be happy with the results. 10 best ways to get rid of lice:

  1. Treat with mayonnaise

Mayonnaise, which has been listed by the Minnesota Department of Health as one of the approved methods of treating lice, has the ability to suffocate these little insects to death. If those monsters think they can stay in your hair forever, they’re wrong. Just coat that hair with mayonnaise and cover it to ensure that air is not getting in. Let it stay on that way for about 6 hours and then wash it down. Use a shampoo to clean your hair well and then sit under a dryer to dry your hair so that if at all some stubborn lice dint die, the hot hair will kill them. Now that your hair is free from living lice, get rid of the dead ones using a nit comb. You can do that once a week until you’re sure that there are no more lice or their eggs in your hair.

  1. Apply lemon juice

Lice don’t like lemons because of its acidic nature. In fact, they can’t even stand its smell. Well that makes lemon a perfect remedy for lice. So, when your child has acquired head lice, all you have to do is make some lemon. Take out 1 tablespoon and add to a paste of garlic cloves. Use the mixture to massage the hair with much concentration around the scalp and then cover the head with a towel for around 1 hour before washing it off with water. This should go on once in a day for five days.

How to Get Rid of Lice

  1. Maintain cleanliness

Among other types, body lice are the easiest to get rid of because the main reason you have them is poor hygiene. I am not blaming anybody here but I am saying the truth. If you reside where the quarters are very close to each other and washing facilities are limited, it’s most likely that they’ll leave in your clothes and feed on your blood.

As soon as you can access washing facilities and take a bath everyday as well as wash your clothes thoroughly, they’ll leave you alone. They’re very easy to spot because they’re bigger than head lice and knowing that you have them in your body is very simple because you’ll feel pain and itches when they sack your blood.

As soon as washing facilities are available, get rid of the infested clothes and use soap to bathe regularly. Treat your bedding and other clothes the same way – wash them regularly with soap – to prevent future infestation. Consult the doctors to prescribe for you an appropriate cream to take care of the itches. Benzyl alcohol works perfectly for many people; you can consider buying it.

  1. Use natural chemicals for public lies

When your problem is how to get rid of public lice, which in many cases, are spread through sexual contact, all you need to do is get an over-the-counter lotion that has 1% permethrin. Apply the lotion according to the direction of the manufacture.

You’ll have to apply the lotion for some days before you get rid of all of them. As you use the lotion, make sure you wash all your cloths including under wares in hot water. You’ll also need to shave all the pubic regions because they’re the breeding ground for lice. All other items that you’ve been using must be soaked in water for few minutes in order to kill those intruders together with their eggs.

Be on the lookout for any lies activity in your body after treatment in order to be sure whether they’ve gone or you need treatment for the second round.

  1. Use a pediculicide

Treating head lice is not very hard but the problem is that their eggs sometimes remain in the hair and in few days after treatment, you find them again in their numbers. That’s why pediculicide remains the most effective way to combat them because it kills both adults together with their eggs.

Because pedicculicides are not friendly to clothes, you’re child, or whoever has the head lice should put on old clothes before treatment starts. Follow the instructions as outlined and apply it thoroughly on hair as well as scalp. It’s best if treatment takes place in the bathroom so that the victim can sit during the time of application and after until the recommended amount of time is over. When the time is over – usually around 1 hour – use fresh water to wash down the treatment.

  1. Use a nit comb

A nit comb is one of the tools you can use to pull out both dead and living lice if not their eggs. First, divide the hair into small sections so that they become easy to handle. Secondly, comb each section thoroughly starting from the roots of the hair through to the end. After every section of the air, wash it in hot soapy water in order to kill both lice ant their eggs. Comb the next section of the hair and repeat what you’ve done in section one until you’ve combed the whole hair.

When you’re through with combing, put the nit comb in a hot water and let it stay there for more than 5 minutes. Lice and their eggs cannot survive in a hot environment and therefore they’ll die. Use the nit comb every day until you get rid of all of them from your hair.

  1. Wash all items in hot water

For any type of lice infestation, you can get rid of them by washing everything that you’ve come into contact with in a very hot water. Even though lice don’t live very long outside a person’s body, it’s important to do the washing in order to kill their eggs and other adults that are still living.

Take all your clothes, bedding and any other fabric that you may have come into contact with since the lice attacked you and deep them in a hot water and leave them for around 5 minutes before washing them with soap. After which, put them into a dryer. The dryer should be on a high temperature setting to kill any stubborn egg or adult that might have come out of the washing alive. Of course, some items cannot be soaked in water for various reasons. In that case, put them in a plastic bag and seal it. Leave the bag for few days for lice to suffocate or starve to death.

  1. Use coconut oil

Coconut oil has antibiotic properties and irrespective of the type of lice you’re trying to get rid of, it will work admirably. Before you apply it on the body or hair, melt it first and then use it to massage your hair. Try to reach the roots of your hair. In case you’re dealing with public lice, I would advice that you shave the pubic regions before applying the oil.

Every time you apply the coconut oil, you should follow by combing your hair using the nit comb. It will come out easily with the dead lice… thanks to the oil.

  1. Use powder spray

Another type of lice that’s common with dogs is called canine lice, which you can treat using a powder spray. These lice do not affect human beings and therefore most people ignore or don’t know that they exist. Spray your dog and soak all its bedding and everything that it has come into contact with in a hot water for 5 minutes to kill all the canine lice plus their eggs. Before taking a step to any treatment, confirm that your dog actually has canine lice.

  1. Use lavender oil spray

If lice have invaded your hair, use an essential oil spray to get rid of them. Get a spray bottle and add about 5 drops of lavender oil spray for every ounce of fresh water. Spray your hair every day until you can’t see any sign of their presence. Always use a nit comb after or while using the spray. Other sources of essential oil spray include tea tree oil, oregano and thyme among others.