How to Kill Bed Bugs


I know they have invaded your home, but don’t think you’re alone. Bed bug infestation has increased significantly over the last few years and now, what the world thought had gone in the mid 20th century has just come back to attack.

To tell you a bit of the history about bed bugs, they were ones the world’s pest health problems in the early 20th century but they greatly declined in number in the middle of the same century. Today, the infestation is even worse in both developing and developed countries for various reasons, which we’ll talk about another day.

If you’re among the people struggling with this pest today, you must be a very lucky human being because I will tell you exactly how to kill and forget about them. As you know, they can cause a range of health, psychological and allergic problems. Just read on and learn how you can kill them.

  • Use Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

This non-toxic powder, which some people call bed bug dust, is made from aquatic plants that are fossilized and it’s the most effective as far as killing bed bugs is concerned. You only need to get the powder and the pests meet each other and see the outcome.

 Spread the powder across the floor of your house or even on the walls if you can and in that way, your duty is over. Sit back and watch bed bugs come out in large numbers from their hiding places because they are agitated. Immediately they cross the powder, it coats and dehydrates them to death.

It’s a pity, that many people out there struggle with the bed bugs everyday but they’re not aware of the existence of diatomaceous earth, which is readily available for purchase at all the local feed and supply stores at an affordable price. Be sure not to inhale the powder because it’s not only dangerous to the pests, but to your lungs too.

  • Vacuum your house

Vacuum cleaning is another effective way of eradicating bed bugs. During the process, focus on the places that they’re most likely to take their refuge. For instance, be thorough on carpet and mattress edges. In that way, they will all be trapped into the suction air bags, leaving their lives at your mercy. You can destroy them immediately or just put the vacuum container in a plastic bag and seal. Leave them there for sometimes so that they starve and die a painful death.

  • Use hot water

Bed bugs can’t survive in two types of environments; a very cold and very hot. Deep all the items in a very hot water except the ones which might be destroyed. Pour the boiling water throughout the house with more focus in the areas that are mostly affected.

Iron the clothes that cannot stand hot water and in that way, you’ll be able to kill the bugs. For the furniture and other items that can’t be washed in hot water, expose them to a hot sun for several days so that the bugs and their egg are destroyed. Even though this is a very old way of doing things, it still works magic.

How to Kill Bed Bugs

  • Extreme cold exposure

I have already mentioned that bugs cannot thrive in extreme cold environment. So, to kill them, remove all the affected items and leave them outside under the harsh winter climate.  If you can’t wait until winter season arrives, you can keep some items in the freezer and that’s a guarantee that all the bugs that are hiding in them will be no more. Furthermore, if you can wash those item with very cold water, the bugs wont survive.

  • Apply alcohol

To kill the intruders in your house, all you need to do is sprinkle alcohol on them and watch with pleasure what happens to them… death on the spot. The alcohol is able to kill them because it has a dehydrating effect on pests. Find their nest, which probably contain many of their eggs, then sprinkle alcohol on them. In that way, the eggs are destroyed. The reason why it’s not a famous bugs’ killer is that it only works when you spray on them but not after some minutes have elapsed.

  • Use boric acid

Boric acid is known to be effective killer of many pests and in the same way, bed bags can’t get past the acid. Identify the areas where the bed bugs reside and sprinkle boric acid around there. Be sure not to apply the acid on your beddings because it’s not healthy. Cleaning them may be a hard task.

  • Black walnut tea

If you can get this dried tea, then you’re going to sleep soundly tonight. All you need to do is sprinkle it in the affected areas, items and hiding places. You’ll be happy to watch them rush out of their hiding places as they try to escape the enemy but it would be too late; death would have arrived without notice.

  • Treat them with steam

One of the most effective ways of killing bed bugs is by directing steam on them. You can easily find a device that will generate steam from your local hardware. They will die because they can’t stand the hot moisture. In that way, you also destroy their eggs. To kill all of them, you’ll need to steam for several days because it’s hard to kill all of them ones because you don’t know all their hiding places.

You need to take action against bed bugs as soon as possible because they reproduce faster than you think. I hope you have a nice sleep soon without intruders sucking your blood.